Sunday, 22 November 2015

Edmour Giguere - How to Become a Great Sales Person

Edmour Giguere has spent years honing his skills as a salesperson. He has both talent and experience in sales and loves being able to make a deal. There is a process to sales, and a method to becoming a skilled salesperson. This method involves knowing your audience, developing a strong knowledge of your product, and offering outstanding customer service.

Edmour Giguere
Edmour Giguere

Great salespeople are always cognizant of their audience. They are polite and able to make small talk before they begin their sales pitch. It is important to help a person feel comfortable with you before you begin the sale process. If your customers like you and are comfortable with you, then they will be more willing to listen to what you have to say.

The next step is knowing your product. Whatever you are selling, whether it is a product, or a service, you should know every detail about it. You need to be able to answer every question a customer may have. If your customers feel that you are knowledgeable about the product you are selling, then they are more likely to trust you and your company.

The final step is offering great customer service. When you are trying to sell something to potential customers, let them ask questions, and listen to them when they speak. You should always be willing to go the extra mile for you customers and always make sure they are satisfied. A great sales person cares about finding the right product or service for their customer. Edmour Giguere is fantastic salesman and always works hard to take care of his customers.