Wednesday, 21 September 2016

Edmour Giguere - Construction- To DIY or not to DIY?

Tackling household renovations alone has become a more common occurrence for homeowners who hope to save money while accomplishing tasks themselves. Edmour Giguere, business owner and experienced home renovator, knows that although some projects can be done by homeowners, many benefit from the help of a professional and homeowners should be cautious of risks.

Affectionately termed “DIY” (Do it yourself), these projects have become popular amongst media as well, often making viewers believe projects can be more easily done than they would have otherwise assumed. With easy access to information via the internet, many people have also become more comfortable taking on tasks they may have left to experts in the past. If given the time and the proper materials, some homeowners may very well be able to accomplish many tasks without the help of a professional. When making the decision to take on projects alone or to seek help, here are some questions to consider before diving in.

1. Do I have the right materials/equipment? Do I know how to use them? Having the proper equipment to get the job done can often make or break the success of a large DIY project. Sometimes making do with sub-par materials and equipment can lead to a headache in the future or even more costs than if the project would have been originally completed by a professional. Proper use of equipment is equally as important due to safety hazards and the risk of undesirable results.

2.  Do you feel comfortable taking on projects that require more than maintenance? Fixing broken appliances, for some, can be a pretty straightforward DIY solution. Make sure you’re comfortable with anything that can affect your home aesthetically or cause larger issues, like electrical or plumbing.

3. Honestly, does it require the help of someone who knows what he or she is doing? If you hesitate then you might need to think twice. That being said, are there parts of the project that may just be labor intensive that require less skill? Consider doing part of a project yourself in order to cut down on the cost of a professional. For example, tearing out old flooring before a contractor comes in to install the new flooring can be a great way to cut down costs.

Experienced contractors, like Edmour Giguere, are needed for many projects. Besides some of the more obvious scenarios mentioned above, there are also cases where a professional should be used no matter the perceived ease of the project. For instance, Giguere is certified to renovate older properties that may have lead-based paint that could be a health hazard. Issues like this may not be obvious to those who are unfamiliar with construction and it could be avoided by simply seeking the help of professionals.
Edmour Giguere
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