Thursday, 20 October 2016

Edmour Giguere - Renovating your dream home with a Professional

You’ve been saving for months, maybe even years, and finally the time has come to turn your house into your dream home. Having done numerous home renovations in the past, Edmour Giguere is highly experience in the construction field and has many references from his hard work. For Giguere, providing quality results is important. Helping customers create their perfect home is important and he takes pride in his work. When businesses have a reputation to uphold they will often go above and beyond to meet your needs within reason. Finding the right professional to help make your dream home become a reality can make or break how you feel about the results from years to come.
Edmour Giguere
When looking for a reputable contractor don’t be afraid to ask questions. Requesting references, viewing previous projects, and seeking estimates and opinions on your ideas will not only give you a feel for who you may be hiring but will also allow you to see if this person is capable of sharing your vision. Like any relationship, some people are simply a better fit. Finding the right person to help you with your home may take some time but don't be afraid to dig deep in order to get what you want. Good contractors, like Edmour Giguere, appreciate the vetting process because they have a wealth to give you in response. These exchanges will normally go in their favor and allow them to "beat out" less scrupulous competition. In the end, everyone will be happier with the perfect fit for your project and a job well done.


Monday, 10 October 2016

Edmour Giguere - Harley Davidson

When most people think of motorcycles the first thing that often comes to mind is Harley-Davidson. A world famous brand that began in Milwaukee, Wisconsin is the quintessential motorcycle found on roadways around the world. For enthusiasts such as Edmour Giguere, Harley-Davidsons represent the essence of American motorcycle craftsmanship. Founded in 1903 with humble plans of attaching an engine onto a bicycle frame evolved into a lifestyle. The Harley-Davidson brand has appeared in numerous films, print media, and apparel. Ford Motor Companies also produced an F-150 themed Harley-Davidson truck for brand followers. Having grown from humble beginnings the company has positioned itself as a mainstay atop the motorcycling world.

Edmour Giguere In addition to the branding they manufacture, the heart and soul of the company begins and ends with producing high-end motorcycles. There are currently over a dozen different models manufactured in numerous engine variations. Among the models offered include the Touring edition, the Softtail, the Dyna, Sportster, and Street editions. Each model features unique characteristics tailored to the desires of motorcycle enthusiasts. By offering bikes that have vintage characteristics such as the Heritage Softtail with its hidden suspension classic look. Or the rat rod inspired Iron 883 clad in all black with an extremely affordable price tag.

For many aficionados around the world, Harley-Davidsons are the only option when choosing a motorcycle. The craftsmanship, the heritage, and the ability to maintain their value are among the top reasons the Harley-Davidson brand is unmatched, as owners like Edmour Giguere can personally attest.


Thursday, 29 September 2016

Edmour Giguere - Being the Best in Sales

Many people have opinions on how to be “the best” in a particular career and opinions are aplenty in the sales industry. Edmour Giguere is a salesman and entrepreneur who has held a long career in construction. Giguere has been told he is an excellent salesperson and considering his approach to his job, understandably so. As a businessman who not only cares deeply about the success of his company but also the effect his business has on the community, looking out for others comes naturally and this is something consumers pick up on. With an ability to close the deal, he often finds himself training others and is currently training his son to follow in his footsteps. His compassion for other is palpable in the way he conducts business and in the fact that he cares about his reputation. With a desire to grow his business and see his customers happily return to his store, there’s no wonder that he often hears praise for his work. 

Edmour Giguere

Although each person is different and may have a unique approach in the sales industry, there are a few facts that seem to ring true for most sales positions. If you have a good product, there are a few things to keep in mind to keep your sales numbers high and your customers happy. 

1. Remain versatile. Although you’re a cheery, bubbly individual with much to offer the world and want to shout it from the rooftops, you may want to keep some of that bubbliness bottled up inside. “What? I’m in sales!” You may say, and many would agree. That is, until you try to sell to them. When selling products to others you are also, sometimes primarily, selling yourself. Learn to read people and respond accordingly. If someone is more introverted don’t make the uncomfortable with an overwhelming atmosphere. Take things down a few notches and hold a conversation on his or her level. You might be surprised with the results.

2. Stay genuine. This one can be a little tough and there are some gray areas here but the idea is pretty straight forward. For instance, if someone asks for your honest opinion on a product, give it to them straight. If not, eventually your sentiment will simply not ring true and even if you get the initial sale there’s a pretty good chance you’ll never see that person again. Care about the person and make genuine suggestions and points about a product. You’ll be appreciated and might possibly gain repeat customers. 

The sales industry can feel cut throat and those feeling the pressure can easily lose sight of the consumer. For Edmour Giguere, taking a step back and showing the customer genuine concern and attention has gained him the type of reputation that makes happy customers for life. 


Wednesday, 21 September 2016

Edmour Giguere - Construction- To DIY or not to DIY?

Tackling household renovations alone has become a more common occurrence for homeowners who hope to save money while accomplishing tasks themselves. Edmour Giguere, business owner and experienced home renovator, knows that although some projects can be done by homeowners, many benefit from the help of a professional and homeowners should be cautious of risks.

Affectionately termed “DIY” (Do it yourself), these projects have become popular amongst media as well, often making viewers believe projects can be more easily done than they would have otherwise assumed. With easy access to information via the internet, many people have also become more comfortable taking on tasks they may have left to experts in the past. If given the time and the proper materials, some homeowners may very well be able to accomplish many tasks without the help of a professional. When making the decision to take on projects alone or to seek help, here are some questions to consider before diving in.

1. Do I have the right materials/equipment? Do I know how to use them? Having the proper equipment to get the job done can often make or break the success of a large DIY project. Sometimes making do with sub-par materials and equipment can lead to a headache in the future or even more costs than if the project would have been originally completed by a professional. Proper use of equipment is equally as important due to safety hazards and the risk of undesirable results.

2.  Do you feel comfortable taking on projects that require more than maintenance? Fixing broken appliances, for some, can be a pretty straightforward DIY solution. Make sure you’re comfortable with anything that can affect your home aesthetically or cause larger issues, like electrical or plumbing.

3. Honestly, does it require the help of someone who knows what he or she is doing? If you hesitate then you might need to think twice. That being said, are there parts of the project that may just be labor intensive that require less skill? Consider doing part of a project yourself in order to cut down on the cost of a professional. For example, tearing out old flooring before a contractor comes in to install the new flooring can be a great way to cut down costs.

Experienced contractors, like Edmour Giguere, are needed for many projects. Besides some of the more obvious scenarios mentioned above, there are also cases where a professional should be used no matter the perceived ease of the project. For instance, Giguere is certified to renovate older properties that may have lead-based paint that could be a health hazard. Issues like this may not be obvious to those who are unfamiliar with construction and it could be avoided by simply seeking the help of professionals.
Edmour Giguere
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Thursday, 2 June 2016

Edmour Giguere - How to Build a Solid Business Reputation

Edmour Giguere is a committed business professional and salesman who has been working in the construction and real estate industries for several years. He currently operates a company in Wayne, New Jersey, where he takes care of all his clients’ real estate needs. He works tirelessly in order to support his customer base, and he is known for being both accommodating and honest about the services he can provide. He believes that a key to success in the professional world is a solid reputation that people can trust. He is currently teaching his son that same value so that he can be prepared when it’s he controlling the business.
Edmour Giguere

 After spending several years in the professional world, Edmour Giguere has learned that a trustworthy reputation can go a long way in terms of growing your business. He worked hard to establish the reputation of his company, and he works even harder to maintain it. Here are some tips for building your professional reputation.

The first thing you want to keep in mind when trying to build your professional reputation is honesty. Honesty is the most important quality to have in the professional world, and it will give people peace of mind when working with you or your company. Make sure you’re always honest with your clients about the services you can provide.

Edmour Giguere also explains that you have to be accommodating when it comes to providing your services for your clients. Be willing to work with them when it comes to prices, services, and anything else the client may want; they will tell others about their experiences.

Monday, 23 May 2016

Edmour Giguere - Tips for Operating in the Real Estate Industry

Edmour Giguere is currently serving as a construction and real estate professional for people in the Wayne, New Jersey area. He operates his own construction company in the community, and he has been able to maintain a solid reputation amongst his clientele. He has been working in the industry for several years, and he understands what it takes be successful in a competitive environment. He is trusted to complete jobs on time, to the specifications of the client, and for the best values available in the industry. He is also extremely close with his son, who he is currently teaching the business so that he can take over when he retires.

Edmour Giguere Edmour Giguere has been working in the real estate and construction industry for years, and he knows what it can be difficult for some who are just entering the industry. It is notoriously competitive, especially if you’re involved in the sales aspect of the business, and it takes work to make a name for yourself. Here are some tips for working in the field.

The first thing you want to keep in mind when you’re working in the real estate industry is the ability to understand your client. Make sure you know who you’re dealing with so that you can better anticipate their needs. This will also save time closing deals, and helping your clients make major decisions.

Edmour Giguere also explains that you need to be up front about what you can offer, and what you can’t. Your reputation means a lot to your business, and honesty will go a long way in terms of client growth.

Monday, 16 May 2016

Edmour Giguere - Tips for Working in the Construction Industry

Edmour Giguere is a dedicated business professional who is committed to taking care of his clients, and impacting the lives of others through his work in a positive way. He has been working in the real estate and construction industries for several years, and he is even a general contractor. He is currently operating his own business in the construction industry, which is located in Wayne, New Jersey, and much of his success he owes to the community. He believes that by building and maintain a solid reputation, the community will gather around his business, and make it their first choice when it comes to solving their real estate problems. Although he is committed to the success of his business, he has never lost sight of what’s truly important: his family. As a single father, he works to support those he cares about, especially his only son. 
                                                Edmour Giguere

Edmour Giguere has been working in the construction industry for several years, and he understands what it takes to be successful in the field. Construction was his first trade, before become a successful sales professional, and he worked hard in order to complete his clients’ projects on time and correctly. Working in the construction industry isn’t like working in other fields; much of the business you receive is based on quality of work, and your ability to maintain a client’s trust. Most of your business will by word of mouth, which means every customer you serve is important. Here are some tips for working successfully in the industry.

The first thing you need to keep in mind when you’re working in the construction industry is quality. First and foremost, you’re a craftsman; if you can build or complete projects to the standards of your clientele, you won’t last long in the field. Make sure that if you’re a business owner in the field, you hire the best employees to do the jobs your clients ask for, otherwise you’ll be out of business very soon. Quality craftsmanship will also lead to more business by way of previous clients’ reviews. 

In addition to doing your job well, make sure you are accommodating when it comes to taking care of your clients. Construction and real estate decisions are major, and projects can often change even in the middle of completion. Being accommodating when working with your clients, and make sure they have ample opportunity to voice concerns, go over plans, and make sure you can give them a solid understanding of what the finished project will look like in the end. 

Edmour Giguere has had an immensely successful career working in the construction and real estate industries. He understands what his clients want out of his company, and he is willing to provide his services for the best values.