Thursday, 14 January 2016

Edmour Giguere - Running a Successful Construction Firm

Edmour Giguere has years of experience working in the construction industry. He runs and owns his own successful contracting company and services the people of Wayne, New Jersey.

Making a company thrive takes a lot of hard work and determination. A construction company needs to be up with the times and stay current with new designs. Like with any type of business, there are keys to making it grow and thrive.
Edmour Giguere
Don’t try to do it all yourself. Make sure you find and hire a great team of people with the right skills to be part of your team. You will want to find employees that have some prior training and the required skills necessary to work in the field.

Try to apply great leadership skills, instead of micro-managing your employees.  Most employees would rather be led, not supervised.

Another key element to running a growing business is to watch your overhead expenses.   One of the number one killers of a construction business is not being able to cover the overhead costs the company is committed to.

Remember to never take on more business than you can handle, and to price each job correctly. You always want to make sure you account for every aspect of the job such as labor costs, materials and time frame.

Edmour Giguere makes sure to oversee all aspects of both new construction and a remodeling job. He works closely with subcontractors, designers and other professionals to ensure that each client is both happy and satisfied with the outcome of the job.